First Dance Class of 2016 – Pow! Had Fun



My Tuesday Morning Conversation:

Rachel (newbie): Belinda, I need to get fit?
Belinda: come to dance tonight

Rachel: I am so unfit and have two left feet but I love music…
Belinda: come to dance, get your blood flowing, get warmed up from inside out, get dancing and love moving.

Rachel: what is it like? what type of dance/music is it?
Belinda: today, we are going to be dancing to abit of afrobeat, dancehall, buttie whine smile emoticon. These dance types are good for your tummy and thighs – I call them squats in motion. And a few chart pieces like “Here Alessia Cara” and a few old skool songs.

The rough structure is:

5-10 mins to start with – warmup and stretch out;
10 mins – afrobeat or dancehall or both
10 mins – more dancing….getting comfortably, getting confident….
20 mins – more dancing with a coordinate routine
5-10 mins – stretch out and get the body rested.

Rachel: Is it like Zumba?
Belinda: Nope – more like dancing and singing in the shower/kitchen with no one watching.
Rachel: so teaching adults how to dance and move to music, YES x x x that’s it, thank u x x

“Burn over 600 calories and work up over 5,000 steps” tonight

See you later x x x x Maxwell Park Community Centre


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