Art and Dance Kid’s Camp on 6th April 2017



Our kids love to dance and why shouldn’t they it is the best feeling in the world when your favourite music comes on and your voice and body is under a spell of movement. It doesn’t matter what type of movement 😊😍😘💕

The creative squad, Myself (Belinda) and Anna had a wonderful day (Feb Half Term Workshop). The kids enjoyed chatting, making and being with friends, old and new. Expressing their personality with dance, choreography and hand craft tools.

IMG_5283 IMG_5286 IMG_5287 IMG_5292 

Reviews and Feedback:

** Caitlin LOVED it all. She said it was great swapping between the art and dance activities and to have some outside time. So proud of the creations she brought home **

Thank you both xx

**Jack really enjoyed the Art and Dance camp, he did display some moves later on that evening.

After I read your email I asked Jack what was the best part of the day and he paused for thought, I then asked if he preferred the art or dance, further pause then he replied ” I don’t really want to upset either Belinda or Mrs Endean, so I would say that they were equal “.  

There you have it ladies, I have nothing more to add. **

** Thanks so much – my favourite colour 🙂 – Alice had a lovely time – hope to see you again for art and dancing.  We’d love an after school club like this if you’re ever available.**

Email for more details.